Street Fighter V Single Player Campaign Story Review + Video| PS4


I normally don’t play too many fighting games these days. While I used to enjoy casually playing these types of games with my friends when I was younger, I’ve kind of grown out of it and would rather play games with good stories these days. However, when I heard that Street Fighter V was finally getting a proper campaign story mode, I figured I might as well give it a go since I owned it (due to a pricing error on Amazon that I jumped on).

I’ve played Street Fighter games in the past, mainly in the arcade as a kid, Street Fighter II on SNES, several versions of Street Fighter on the Dreamcast, and that’s basically it. I thought that would be enough really to play the campaign story mode as I hadn’t really played the actual game yet before tackling this. I probably should have practiced some first, but oh well.

Spolier Alert: Don’t watch the video below if you want to play the Story Campaign Mode on your own as this video is my playthrough of it from start to finish.

For the most part, if you’ve played any previous Street fighter games, you should really have no problems going through the campaign story. Street Fighter moves are fairly easy to learn with most characters sharing common move sets and controller actions. You’ll have to play with a wide variety of characters in the story and won’t get to choose who you use. They just automatically assign you who you’ll using based on how the story is progressing. That means you’ll be playing as some characters you have no idea how to use or hate using.

The story itself isn’t too bad. The animations are pretty fantastic but the voice overs are very cheesy, like a really bad B-movie you’d watch late night on Cinemax. There were many times where I felt the story just kept dragging on and on and I just wanted it to end, but since I was only ever going to play it all the way through once, I stuck with it. It could also have been that I did the whole story in one sitting so I was feeling quite fatigued towards the end.

For the most part, playing through most of the story is pretty straight forward and easy. Matches only require 1 round and many of them are simple until you get near the end. It’s not until near the end where the enemies that were easy at the start are now almost god like and impossible to beat if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s these parts that were really frustrating for me where I just wanted to quit and call it a day…but I soldiered on to finish the video.

All-in-all though, not a bad experience at all. Again, while the story is a bit cheesy, you get a little bit of everything here and how all these characters are intertwined with each other. I suggest probably not trying to do the whole thing in one sitting, but if you think you can handle it, go for it.


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