Casetify Custom Samsung Galaxy S7 Case Review | Unofficial Pokemon Go Edition


Casetify doesn’t actually make a Pokemon Go themed case for the any device but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own. Thanks to Casetify’s custom case option and the ability to upload your own images, I was able to create what I’d call the Samurai Pika Pokemon Go Edition Samsung Galaxy S7 case. All it took was a custom image I designed, a simple upload and resize for placement, and a few days later I was the proud owner of a one of a kind, custom case that no one else will ever have.

The Process

Casetify can make custom cases for many popular devices such as the iPhone, many of the popular Android devices, and even iPad and Apple Watch. For my custom case, I made it for a Samsung Galaxy S7.

There was only one case I could pick to make my custom case and that was the Classic Snap Case in clear with an off white border. Since I was only going to use one image for my design, I chose the the single image layout. If you have multiple images you want to use, Casetify offers layouts that can accommodate multiple images. If you check out the image below, you can see what is offered.


For the most part, there’s a good selection of layouts. If you aren’t feeling that creative, they also offer templates you can use that have some basic elements filled in already and you just add your own photos to certain parts of it. Of course if you don’t have your own photos you want to use either, Casetify offers some licensed images you can use as well as generic emojis and other things.

The process is simple enough and quite intuitive. I was able to create my design within a matter of minutes. You will need to create an account on their site to save your design before purchase. This way, you can always make another one too if need be.


The Finished Product

About a week after completing my order, my custom Casetify case arrived in the mail. It came packaged in a discrete envelope and inside of it was a rather nice cardboard enclosure with foam padding.

The case itself looked pretty fantastic and was everything I hoped for. The print on it looked spot on and all the colors were really bright and as accurate as they could be. I liked the fact that my transparency stayed transparent and I was able to see the gold of my Galaxy S7 underneath. It gives a really neat effect where the printed image looks raised and casts a small shadow behind it.

Speaking of the case, it’s a nice case. It fits really well and the rubbery border doesn’t pick up any lint at all. The clear shell on the back is also really nice and quite clear. It feels really good in your hands and has a decent amount of grip where it doesn’t feel like it’ll slip out of your hands.


Final Thoughts

I am really impressed with the overall quality of the custom Casetify case for the Samsung Galaxy S7. It fits great, looks great, and the printing on it was top quality. The price isn’t too bad either at $39.95 with free shipping. If you look around, there are also some codes available for a discount.

What I really love about it though is that now, I got a case that no one else will ever have because I made the design myself and customized the case to my specifications. That’s awesome. I did this for my main Pokemon Go device so I’m sure this will be a hit when some of my other Pokemon Go friends get a look at it.

You can pick up your very own Casetify custom case here.

This item was provided to us by the manufacturer for review.

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  1. Hi,
    I’m looking at getting one of these cases but can’t find any pics of the front! Do you have one at all? I’ve had previous issues with the top front of my screen being exposed so I need to know how the front is covered before i purchase. Thanks!

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