No Man’s Sky – I Start Over Without Hyperdrive | PS4

Yes. I started over. I was maybe 3-4 hours in to the game before hearing reports that if you started the game right out with the preorder ship that has hyperdrive, you’ll have one heck of a bad time later. Why’s that? Well, based on reports, if you start with hyperdrive, you never learn how to make one so if you end up upgrading your ship to a better one without hyperdrive, you’ll never be able to make one unless you have the blueprint and you’ll be unable to jump to other systems. That’s kinf of a deal breaker there so instead of hoping that Hello Games will patch, it, I just opted to restart the game while I was still early into it.

That means I start with my basic ship and must learn how to make a hyperdrive. This actually works out better for me as this extra step means more to learn and more to do. Not only that, this new planet I started on is pretty awesome and much nicer than the old planet I was on. Also, since I know what I’m doing now, it didn’t take very long for me to get my star ship fixed and into the air.

If you’re still early in the game and started with the preorder ship with hyperdrive, you might want to consider starting over too unless you’re hoping for a patch. Either way, I backed up my original save just in case.


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