How I Got the Atlas Pass v1 in No Man’s Sky | Video


So you want and Atlas Pass v1 but don’t know how to get one. This was me basically until I finally acquired my first one last night. Below is video of how I acquired my Atlas Pass v1, though I’ve read of other methods people have been using.

  1. The first thing for me was finding a system that had an Atlas Interface. This for me was maybe 3-4 systems into the game. Once you hyper jump there, look for the Atlas Interface which basically looks like a huge space station. Upon entering it, you’ll find a huge living ball in the center. Just tap the control panel and consent to whatever is asks of you.  An Atlas Stone will be rewarded to you. Don’t forget to pick up those two warp cells too. You’ll need those.
  2. Once you get back into your ship and exit the Atlas Interface, go to your galactic map and you should pick up a space anomaly. Head to the first system on that path by hyper jumping there.
  3. When you reach the next system, you’ll see a purple marker for the space anomaly. It too looks like a space station, but round in shape. Take your ship into it and you’ll be greeted by two aliens. You want to talk to the Gek named Polo. If all goes well, he’ll reward you with an Atlas Pass v1 blueprint. With this, you just need some Iron and Heridium to make it. You only need to make it once.

That’s pretty much what I did to get my first Atlas Pass v1. Now I’m in search of Atlas Pass v2 and v3.

How did you acquire your Atlas Pass v1? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks.


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