Circuroid Review | Mobile

circuroid_iconIf you’re an older gamer like I am, you’ve most likely heard of the game Tempest. This was a game back in the days where you would control this tiny ship on a geometric border and shoot enemies that would come up at you from the inside. It was a fast paced game that required quick hands and quick reactions. Big Frost Games latest, Circuroid reminds me a lot of Tempest, but on a slightly more simplified level.

Unlike Tempest and it’s various geometric levels, Circuroid only has one, a circle. You move your ship around the circumference and asteroids spawn from the center point outward. You must shoot down the asteroids before they reach the edge of the circle, otherwise its game over for you.

The easiest way to play the game is to hold your device in one hand and you your pointer finger on the other. It’s possible to play the game one handed, but can be difficult sometimes when you trying to reach all the way around your phone. One handed play becomes harder too when the asteroids start coming out a lot faster as you progress. On the plus side, that game pauses itself if you take your finger off the screen and aren’t dragging your ship around.

Circuroid is a fast paced game that only gets faster as you progress. Luckily, you don’t only have to rely on your default guns. Powerups randomly appear that give you extra abilities for a short time that should help you clear more asteroids and keep them at bay.

Overall, Cicuroid is a fun little game that while seems easy at first, is quite challenging to get high scores on.

iTunes Link: Circuloid
Google Play Link: Circuloid
Developer: Big Frost Games
Price: Free
In-App Purchases: Yes


Circuroid is an unique fast-paced arcade shooter where you must defend the circular perimeter from endless of incoming asteroids.

Circuroid features an intuitive control where you can precisely control your spaceship to shoot at the direction that you are pointing.

More than dozens of Power Ups to unlock, with each Power Up brings you a whole new gameplay experience while defending the perimeter.

Feature List:
– Fast-paced, action-packed, unique gameplay experience
– Intuitive and responsive control
– Endless of challenges
– Power Ups to unlock
– Rank Badges to unlock
– Stunning soundtrack
– Global Leaderboards
– Facebook friends’ Leaderboard integration
– Game Center Achievements


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