RIVE – First 20 Minutes of Gameplay and Impressions | PS4


RIVE came out earlier this week and is a hectic, 360-degree shooter/platformer hybrid created by developer Two Tribes. What is said to be their last game ever, RIVE is a culmination of their many years of experience and departure from their previous family-friendly puzzle games of the past. Two Tribes wanted to create something special and RIVE is their explosive departure from game development.

RIVE’s story is about a space scavenger named Roughshot who gets trapped on a mysterious starship. Destroy everything in your way to escape the starship and learn new abilities such as hacking enemy drones for help. RIVE is a throwback to the days when action platformers were king and developers did everything possible to create something new and exciting.

RIVE is a very interesting platform shooter. The game starts off as something akin to the classic game, Asteroids in which you shoot 360-degrees around you but mixes in classic platforming elements where you are continuously moving forward. The early part of the game looked amazing with some pretty impressive explosion effects and lighting. The art style is also pretty well done, especially the backgrounds.

After you make your way to this mysterious starship do you encounter more traditional platforming gameplay. Sections of the ship have gravity and it’s here where you can perform more traditional jump maneuvers. You start off with basic weapons as well but are able to upgrade these as the game progresses. I think my favorite part of the gameplay however is just how hectic this game gets when it starts throwing things like enemies at you and environmental hazards.

With that said, RIVE is a solid action platform that I’m actually having a ton of fun with so far. There’s a lot of action with controls that are fairly easy to pick up. I’m eager to get further into the game and see what else new RIVE has to offer.

Review code provided to us by the publisher/developer.

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