LASTFIGHT – Richard Story Mode Playthrough and Impressions | PS4


LASTFIGHT is a 3D fighting game based on the cult-classic comic book and upcoming animated series LASTMAN. One of the main draws of LASTFIGHT is that the game features local multiplayer for up to 4 players, and a single player story mode. That means you can enjoy the game on your own or with a group of friends.

There are 10 unique characters with signature moves and fighting styles to choose from, 8 stages featuring varied geography for players to navigate, 5 games modes with wildly different playstyles and objectives and tons of different boosts and environmental weapons for players to use against each other.

For this post however, I am mainly just looking at the Story Mode component which I got to play through last night with the character Richard. The story mode for me didn’t take very long to complete and wasn’t too difficult to get through. The characters you have to fight to get progressively tougher to beat but you can replay each one if you lose the battle. Also, I’m not sure if the story changes if you choose Duke instead of Richard, but I’ll find out next time I play.

I found it kind of interesting that all the voice acting is in French. It kind of threw me off a little until I found out that LASTMAN, the comic that this game is based on, is a popular French martial arts inspired comicbook.

The art style in the game is pretty good with some very interesting looking characters. The arenas themselves aren’t too bad looking either with a nice variety of different terrain. I think its pretty neat too how you can pick up objects to use as weapons or throwing weapons as well as the powerups you collect to mutate. All of this combined reminds me a whole lot of Capcom’s old game, Powerstone, which is a really good thing because I used to love that game on the Dreamcast.

The gameplay itself seems okay with some rather simple controls. For the most part though during story mode, I just mashed the action button continuously and couldn’t quite get the timing down on blocking and dashes. I probably need way more practice to get good at this game. Again, it wasn’t too difficult to get past the story mode though.

All-in-all, not a bad game at all. I’m sure though the meat and potatoes of the game is with mutliplayer and where most of the fun will occur, but for what I played of story mode, it’s not bad at all. It just ends rather quickly. With that said, I hope to get some time in with local multiplayer soon.

Review code provided to us by the publisher/developer.

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