Ninja Loop Review – Makes Holding Your Smartphone a More Secure Affair

Ninja Loop

The one thing most of us try to avoid is to drop our smartphones. This can be quite a challenge sometimes due to the slippery nature of today’s devices. Devices made of aluminum or glass can be quite slippery and we usually try to counteract that with some kind of case that can both add grip and protect the device when accidentally dropped. Even this however isn’t a guarantee, but a rather simple little addition called the Ninja Loop can keep your device firmly attached to your palm and away from the floor.

Ninja Loop

What is the Ninja Loop? It’s basically just a ribbon that attaches securely to the inside portion of whatever case your using and loops around the camera hole and bottom hole where the charge/sync port usually is. This essentially adds a strap to the back of your case in which you can slide your fingers into and hold your smartphone securely. That’s all it does. Does it work? Yes. It’s such a simple little thing that I’m kind of surprised that I hadn’t heard of this sooner or heard of anyone else making these.

Ninja Loop

The Ninja Loop itself comes in a variety of different colors and ribbon types so there’s bound to be a color and material combination that will match the case you’re using. This is a cheap $5 accessory that adds peace of mind and a simple way to keep your device firmly attached to your hand.

This item was provided to us by the manufacturer for review.

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