Nintendo Switch Announced – Coming March 2017


Today, Nintendo unveiled their secret NX hardware which is now officially called Nintendo Switch. While I have my opinions about Nintendo in general and don’t really play many Nintendo games these days or even own Nintendo hardware anymore aside from a Nintendo 2DS my kid owns, the idea behind the Nintendo Switch is pretty interesting.

As with previous Nintendo home consoles, there seems to be an emphasis on group play and sharing the gaming experience with others but with the Nintendo Switch, this can be accomplished either on the same console or span multiple consoles locally. Not only that, the Nintendo Switch can be converted from a home console to a portable console allowing you to take your game library with you. It’s certainly an interesting idea, being able to take the same console you play at home on the road with you.

What’s also quite neat are the detachable controls on the Nintendo Switch that can either be combined to form a sort of traditional controller, used independently of each other, or as two separate controllers for local multiplayer play. All of which seems to be wireless.

Regardless about how I feel about Nintendo, the Nintendo Switch is pretty darn interesting. I’m curious to see what more it’ll have to offer in terms of games but the hardware itself looks really cool.

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