Dragon Quest Heroes II Coming to PS4 on April 25th, 2017 | Trailer


Dragon Quest fans rejoice because come April 25th, 2017, there will be a new chapter in the Dragon Quest Heroes sage. Dragon Quest Heroes II will be set in an all-new world with new heroes and story. This action-RPG sage will send players on a grand quest to restore order in the world. Not only that, a new online mode will allow you and 3 online buddies can play together against swarms of enemies and gigantic monsters.

Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a long and terrible war. When the war finally ended, the people of the world made a solemn pact never to fight again. The world was divided into seven realms and peace reigned for a thousand years.

One day, cousins and fellow knights-in-training Lazarel and Teresa reunite in the Kingdom of Harba, far from their Dunisian home. Little do they suspect that the Dunisian army is about to invade, with their old friend Prince Cesar at the helm.

The long-kept peace is broken and the world descends into chaos. With the aid of High King’s envoy the cousins must travel to Accordia for a meeting with the Supreme Sovereign of the Seven Realms to find a solution and bring back peace to the world!

DRAGON QUEST HEROES II is releasing for the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system on April 25, 2017.


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