Bridge Constructor – 50 Minutes of Gameplay and Impressions | PS4

Bridge Constructor

Bridge Constructor is the latest physics based, bridge-building simulation game on the PlayStation 4. With over 50 million players on other platforms, is Bridge Constructor any good on the PS4? With improved graphics, global high scores, intuitive joypad controls and also the inclusion of the SlopeMania add-on with additional 24 levels, developer Headup Games sure hope it’ll be.

For starters, Bridge Constructor is a much slower paced game than what I’m usually used to on console. Games like this I usually play on PC or on mobile. With that said, I love physics based games and Bridge Constructor does a pretty good job with this using a controller. It’s not very difficult at all playing this on a controller and you get used to it very quickly.

The puzzles themselves are pretty basic at the beginning being more tutorial in nature. You start off learning the basics but the difficulty will ramp up fairly quickly and you’ll soon be using more advanced materials. Like most bridge construction games, there will be a lot of trial and error involved when it comes to how your bridges are designed and what kind of weight they can hold.

Overall though, from what I played, I really enjoy Bridge Constructor. It’s a nice change of pace from what I normally play on the couch and it’s actually quite a relaxing and mellow game.

Review code provided to us by the publisher/developer.

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