2Dark – First 18 Minutes of Gameplay + Tutorial | PS4

Last week I posted the eerie, yet wonderful music from the title screen of Gloomywood’s 2Dark and today I bring to you the first 15+ minutes of gameplay. The game starts off with a rather disturbing intro movie that sets the tone for the game. I won’t spoil the story for you but basically these events cause a downward spiral in your life in which  7 years later, you’re still feeling the pain from it.

2Dark then throws you into the present day. The first 15 minutes have you basically exploring your own home and getting a feel for the controls and how you play the game. At its core, it’s an adventure game with lots of exploration, some puzzle solving, and loot collecting. It’s got a very old school feel to it, but still quite modern at the same time.

While the gameplay feels pretty solid so far, its the presentation of the game itself that I’m really digging. I mentioned before how much I’m really enjoying the atmosphere of the game, especially the musical score. The art style is also quite good and lends itself well to the games horror theme.

I’ll have more on 2Dark in the near future after playing some of the meatier parts of the game.

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