Games We Missed Last Week: Blackwood Crossing | Launch Trailer

Sorry for the lack of update these few days but I had to take a small break away from it all and took my family on a much needed vacation. With that said, I’m back and there were quite a few games I missed that deserve some attention. First up is Blackwood Crossing.

Blackwood Crossing explores the relationship between Scarlett and Finn, orphaned siblings growing apart as Scarlett enters adolescence. When they cross paths with a mysterious figure, a seemingly ordinary train ride evolves into a magical story of life, love and loss. The game will see players assuming the role of Scarlett, exploring ever-changing surroundings and solving a range of challenging puzzles as she tries to navigate her way through the unpredictabilities of the world around her.

What I found really interesting about the game is just how good the visuals are and how deep the story seems to be. All I’m all for story driven games, especially ones with really good visuals and voice acting.

Blackwood Crossing is developed by PaperSeven and published by Vision Games Publishing. The game, which is ESRB rated “E” (Everyone) with Mild Language, is available for an MSRP of $15.99 on PlayStation 4 via the PSN store.

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