Outlast 2 Coming April 25th – See the New Trailer Here | PS4

When the PlayStation 4 first came out, one of the first horror games to arrive on it was Outlast. Armed with just a video camera and your wits, you are a reporter investigating a dilapidated psychiatric hospital overrun by homicidal patients. I played about 15 minutes of the game before switching it off because it was just to darn scary for me to play.

Outlast 2 looks to be the same which means most likely, I won’t be able to mentally or emotionally handle the game, though I know some of you can.

As journalists, you and your wife have a reputation for taking risks and digging into the stories no one else dares to touch, but this time you may have gone too far. Your investigation of a seemingly impossible murder leads you deep into the Arizona desert, and into a darkness so wicked that no light could ever shine upon it.

Outlast 2 will test your faith, pushing players to a place where going mad is the only sane thing to do.

This is definitely one of those games you probably should let your young kids play.

Outlast 2 is will be available April 25th via digital distributors worldwide. Available at retailers will be Outlast Trinity; a physical edition collecting the entire series of Outlast, Outlast: Whistleblower, and Outlast 2.


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