OLALA iDisk 32GB Lightning Flash Drive & Charging Cable Review

This is a quick review for something every owner of a low capacity, 16gb iPhone should have and it’s the OLALA iDisk Lightning Flash Drive and Charging Cable combo. Of course this isn’t the only device that does what it does, but it’s the one I’m looking at today.

Basically what this little device does is free up your available storage on your iPhone by moving files such as photos or movies to an external drive. So if you’re iPhone has 3gb of photos for example, you can move those photos to the iDisk and free up 3gb of space on your iPhone. You can then take those photos which are on the iDisk and plug that into a computer to either backup or look at.

The OLALA iDisk is really simple to use and require the download of a small app called iDisk Me. You absolutely need this app because without it, the iPhone will not recognize the iDisk and you won’t be able to transfer files to it.

The OLALA iDisk basically looks like a really short charging/sync cable. One end is a Lightning connector while the other end is a standard USB connector. You only need to plug in the Lightning side to transfer files, but you can also connect the standard USB side to charge at the same time or transfer files directly to your computer. So with this 1 handy device, the iDisk can copy photos, movies, and music from the iPhone to itself, charge your iPhone, use as a sync cable, and transfer files to other iOS devices if need be.

For those who want to free up space on their iPhone without losing precious photos or videos, consider the OLALA iDisk. It comes in 32gb and 64gb capacities and can hugely free up space  on your iPhone, especially on 16gb versions. You’ll never have to run into that risk of not being able to take photos because of space issues. It’s a very handy device and one that you should probably not leave the house with if you have a low capacity iPhone.



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