Indie Developed, Psychological Thriller, PERCEPTION is Available Today on PlayStation 4

While there are a lot of “horror” games out there, how many of them feature a lead protagonist who’s blind? Developed by The Deep End Games and published by Feardemic, PERCEPTION features a psychologically tense narrative that has Cassie, a blind woman, seeking answers to a mystery that has plagued an abandoned mansion for generations.

Cassie must use her cane to maneuver its ill-fated halls utilizing her hard-learned skill of echolocation to ‘see’; each sound creates a visual and each visual unravels the storied past of the estate. An ever-changing environment awaits, as each uncovered secret distorts the reality surrounding the manor.

Be warned: You’re not the only one inhabiting the estate. A wraith-like ‘Presence’ is listening for you, drawn towards any sound made in this cat-and-mouse hunt to exorcise Cassie’s nightmares and bring peace to the victims of Echo Bluff.

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