Destiny 2 Early Access Beta Gameplay Videos and Impressions| PS4

Today is the day that those who preordered Destiny 2 on the PlayStation 4 are able to play the Destiny 2 Early Access Beta before anyone else can. Like the rest of you Destiny fans, I preordered my copy of Destiny 2 so that I could get into this early access beta and have been playing it for a good portion of the afternoon so far.

The Destiny 2 Early Access Beta includes 3 modes of play. You’ll be immediately thrown into the first which is the first story mission form the campaign.I ran through the campaign as my usual main, a Hunter. There was no way to customize you character in this beta so it just defaulted to whatever the Hunter looks like in Destiny 2 Beta. I also ran through this mission not knowing I could change sub-classes but did figure out I could swap weapons.

Like the first Destiny, Desinty 2 feels very good. The gunplay is just about perfect and everything so far seems really fluid and fast. The graphics too seem a step above the original as well as the character designs for the new Red Legion Cabal.

The story mode too seems a lot better as well, but here’s hoping that the final version of the game is fully fleshed out story wise and isn’t a repeat of the disaster that was the first game at launch.

Next up I tried out the new Strike which I don’t remember if we got to do this in the original Destiny beta or not. The new Strike seems a lot better than Destiny’s current set of strikes with a much more expansive area. The enemies are terribly difficult to beat in the strikes, although the end boss takes a bit to take down. This is a good mode to test out your supers as well as the different range of weapons you have.

Also intersting to note how your 3 weapons are broken down now. It’s basically 1-kinetic weapon, 1-elemental burn weapon, and 1-power weapon.

Lastly we have Competitive mode which takes us to the crucible. The video I have up above is of Control gameplay which is 4v4. There’s only one map you can play on, but its fairly large with lots of good spots to defend or attack from. This is another good mode to test out your weapons and skill set. It’s interesting to note here that you start off with ammo for both primary and secondary weapons. No heavy like usual.

Overall, Destiny 2 Early Access Beta give me hope that the retail game will be good. Already the gunplay seems solid and fun and the weapons themselves feel really good to use. I like too how much more powerful each of the guns sound, especially when wearing headphones. I’m going to play through it many more time now with all the other classes and sub classes, but so far I really like what they’ve done to my main Hunter class.

Fingers crosssed the rest of the game feels this good when it comes out.

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