Nidhogg 2 – 10 Minutes of Gameplay and Impressions | PS4

I’ve never really played the first Nidhogg, but I’ve seen it in action and though I know it was actually pretty popular amongst hardcore players, I just never got into it because I wasn’t too into the way it looked. However, Nidhogg 2 is a completely different animal and I’ll explain way below. But first…


About Nidhogg 2

The wurm has returned and it must feed! Shed your garments and paint the walls with the flesh of your enemies, for only one can be worthy of sacrifice. The rules are simple. Reach the other side and kill anyone that stands in your way. Deftly parry and rend their throats, riddle their bowels with arrows, or squish their brains between your toes. The wurm cares not for chivalry. Sequel to the indie hit of 2014, Nidhogg 2 builds upon the award-winning gameplay of its predecessor with new weapons to wield and levels to master, head-to-toe character customization, and the captivatingly grotesque art of Toby Dixon.

The first thing you’ll definitely notice about Nidhogg 2, if you’ve been a long time fan, is how different the art style is now. The old Nidhogg had sort of a an 8-bit Atari look to it where everything looked super pixelated, yet the gameplay was fast and furious. It wasn’t really my style like I stated above, but Nidhogg 2 looks a lot better in my opinion.

It seems to have the same type as gameplay as the original game, but just in a much prettier package. I like how you can fully customize your little dude to suit your tastes, and he/she actually looks kinda cool when you’re done.

The game itself is pretty fast and exciting, not to mention challenging. I only had a chance so far to play against he AI, but I’m going to make some time soon to get some local multiplayer action recorded.Until then, the AI isn’t half bad. You can see in my video that it beat me the first time, but I got the better of it the second match.

Overall, Nidhogg 2 is pretty fun so far. I”m sure it’ll be even more fun against a human opponent.

Review code provided to us by the publisher/developer.

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