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Looking for a casual game that doesn’t really require much thinking, but does require a lot of your time? Merge Town might be the game you’re searching for. Merge Town is a simple game about building a town on the allotted plots of land with homes. Smaller homes can be merged together to make larger homes. The larger the homes, the more money they make and the more you can build.

To expand on how you actually play Merge City, at the bottom of the screen is a box that you can tap to speed up the delivery of “cardboard boxes.” Each box contains a home. Homes of the same type can be combined with each other to form larger homes and then combine those and make even larger homes, etc. etc. That’s basically all you do. You just keep opening up boxes, merge homes, and continue merging to unlock larger and larger homes.

The larger the home, the more money those homes can earn and you can use that money to buy certain homes outright, meaning you can buy the larger homes and skip a lot of the process. It’s not that difficult at all to earn money in this game and you’ll actually be in the millions in a very short time.

For the most part, Merge Town is a simple game with a simple concept that makes it very easy for anyone to get into.

There is one thing however that I’m not too fond about in the game and that is the sheer amount of ads there are. If you want to double the money you make, watch an ad. If you want a free upgrade of your gift home, watch an ad. If you want to use your money to buy a house, watch an ad. There are a lot of ads if you haven’t guessed already.

Despite the ads, Merge Town can be pretty addicting and I think most simple, casual games end up being. The game is pretty repetitive though so while I may be addicted to it currently, that might not last long as I grow bored of these type of games within a few days and move on to the next.

iTunes App Store Link: Merge Town
Google Play Link: Merge Town
Developer: Gram Games


Ever wanted to be Mayor? Ever wanted to run a town, develop the land, and see a metropolis grow? Well, look no further than Merge Town!, the newest title from Gram Games. The concept of the game is simple – you have a plot of land, and it’s your job to turn it into a town. Every so often, you’ll be gifted with a house. Each house can be merged with other houses of the same variety to form a bigger home. Every house built on the land will earn you money – the bigger the home, the more you will earn. The more you earn, the more houses you can purchase, and the more you can push the clock to develop faster. Use your spoils to discover new homes, and to expand into all new towns.

You have a singular goal: make your towns the best they can be. The bar at the top of the screen measures development – Merge buildings to earn XP and level up. Higher levels will unlock more space in your plot for you to develop, which will only allow you to develop your town to even further greatness. Once you develop into new towns, keep an eye on all your land, ensuring that you’re merging and developing to your full potential.

Merge, build, and develop your very own towns with Merge Town!

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