Vista Golf Review | Mobile

Vista GolfI love golf games. I especially love mini golf games because the courses can be so unique and creative, not to mention challenging. It’s been a while though since I’ve played one so I decided to check out Vista Golf mainly due to the fact that the icon caught my attention and the screenshots of the game looked pretty good. However, what ends up being really interesting about Vista Golf is that the courses change every week, offering you something new to play.

Vista Golf has very simple controls. Mainly you can rotate the course by swiping and can shoot the ball by tapping, sliding to determine power, and then just letting go. There’s an arrow that appears so you know what direction it’ll go, and usually it’s straight. You can’t jump the ball unless it hits a ramp and there’s no way to slice or curve it. Again, it’s simple.

Graphically, I love the look of Vista Golf. It’s got a minimalistic style to it, lots of solid colors, but it works very well. Many of the courses are well designed and the different have their own unique look.

As much as I enjoyed Vista Golf, it’s not without its issues. One main problem with the game is sometimes, the course itself can obscure your view of where the ball and the hole is. Meaning that there are times where a portion of the course will cover your ball or the hole making it very difficult to make your shots. This could be easily solved if they changed the opacity of the course when this happens, but that’s something that isn’t there yet.

Despite that one little issue, Vista Golf is an amazingly fun game. It has that relaxing feel to it while still being quite challenging. I like the fact that the locations change each week giving Vista Golf tremendous replay value. It’s also pretty amazing that the game is free with very little ads. If you’re a fan of mini golf games, definitely give Vista Golf a try.

iTunes App Store: Vista Golf

Google Play: Vista Golf

Developer: Shallot Games


Vista Golf is a simple but elegant mini golf game, defined by crisp controls and the endless competition of new courses every week. We wanted to create the purest form of mini golf in your pocket, so if you seek both fun and frustration, Vista Golf is your game.

Competitive Mode: Each week, compete for the top spot across three 18-hole courses. At the end of each week, three leaders are crowned, and three beautiful new courses will be opened.

Infinite Mode: Relax and play as far as you’d like on our slightly-larger-than-regulation-size endless course.

-3 new courses every week!
-Cross-platform leaderboards!
-Achievements with unlockable badges!
-Infinite mode!
-Simple drag-and-shoot controls!

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