Monster Hunter: World Multiplayer Has Me Hooked

Monster Hunter World

One of the things I most enjoy when gaming is gaming online with friends. While I also love solo play, there’s always that game or two that I need to get allows me to play with my friends. Recently it’s been games like Battlefield 1 and Destiny 2, but first person shooters have grown stale to me and I needed a change. With that said, Monster Hunter: World caught my attention not only because it wasn’t a FPS, but because looked so darn fun and had multiplayer.

While I did start the game off in single player and played that way for about a day or two, it’s the multiplayer aspect of the game that I’m hooked on now. You see, while you can get pretty far on your own and it is possible to do this all the way through, I believe that the real fun begins when your friends join in. Heck, even playing with strangers can up the fun factor and make the hardest of hunts much less of a drag.

Take for instance this hunt against a Legiana. I tried to hunt this on my own and failed miserably. It wasn’t because I wasn’t prepared, but because I think these hunts against more powerful monsters alone just takes a toll on you as they can drag out pretty long. With friends on board, you can see that we made quick work of him in a decent amount of time. With more people, it means that the monsters aren’t constantly focused on just you and you can actually take a breather from time to time while your buds keep him busy. Plus there’s just something about sharing a victory with friends when beating a difficult monster.

What if you don’t have friends to play with? Just call for an S.O.S. If you’re stuck on a monster, don’t be afraid to call for help. Usually there will be randoms that join in to help and while their usefulness could be 50/50, it’s still pretty fun when they join in. You can also join other people’s games on the quest board. This is also a good way to farm for monster materials quickly.

One thing to note, Monster hunter: World does scale monster difficulty. That means in co-op, the monsters will be a bit harder than they are in solo play. However, the difficulty between 2 players and 4 players is the same, so if you are going to take on a monster with others, it’s best to do with 4 players.

With that said, I know there are those who want to try to play the whole game solo, but don’t be afraid eventually play with others. You’ll be missing out a good portion of the experience and I would at least say give it a try. Who knows, you might meet some really cool fellow hunters who you can group up with consistently.



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