MHW – Armor Set Maker Review | Android

Monster Hunter: World - Armor Set MakerIf you’re playing Monster Hunter: World, one of the most difficult things in the game is to find and armor build that suits your play style. The reason for this is that there is just so much armor to make and so many skills you can choose from that at times, it can be quite overwhelming figuring out what combination of armor can work for your needs. I have a hard time remembering what armor does what skill so when I found the MHW – Armor Set Maker app that someone put together on the Play Store, I knew I had to try it out.

First things first, the MHW – Armor Set Maker only does one thing and it’s to search through all the available armor and suggest what to use based on what skills you need. For example, if you need the Weakness Exploit Skill Lv3 + Maximum Might Skill Lv3, it will tell you exactly which armor pieces and charm can provide that as well as which decorations you’ll need to add. It will even tell you armor stats, how many slots you will have, and which extra skills you’ll also have. It doesn’t just give you one armor set, but multiple sets to choose from and you can sort those based on best, defense, or free slots.

Other than that, there’s nothing else to the app. That’s fine by me because this is a really focused app that does what it says it does and seems to do it well. I also like the fact that the dev seems to be updating it quite often.

With that said, if you’re a dedicated Monster Hunter: World player and are looking for an easier way to manage armor, decorations, and charms, give the MHW – Armor Set Maker a try.

Google Play Link: Monster Hunter: World – Armor Set Maker
Developer: NaviRamyle


– Armor Set Planner (manual armor set)

Automatically make and create TONS of possible mix sets according to your skill combination search, it is basically an Mix Armor Set Search!
Armor mix sets includes charms and decorations.

This is for Monster Hunter World only!

【Easy Mix Armor Set Builds】
– Tons of mix armor set result
– Prioritize the most optimized mix armor set

【Simple UI Design】
– Simple yet packed with options
– Compact

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