AO International Tennis Heading Its Way to PS4 on May 8th

AO International Tennis

If there’s one thing lacking on the PS4, it’s tennis games. If there were any, I haven’t seen or played them. With that said, if you are looking for a good tennis game, maybe Big Ant Studios has what you’re looking for. Big Ant Studios has announced AO International Tennis for release on May 8, 2018. Featuring world #1 Rafael Nadal, AO International Tennis offers the most comprehensive feature set of any tennis game ever made, giving players unprecedented control over how they play their favorite sport.

AO International Tennis’ key feature set is outlined below:

  • PlayFace
  • Play Around The World
  • Play On Hard, Grass Or Clay Courts
  • Customize Matches!
  • Venue Creator – Design Your Own Championships
  • Licensed To Offer A Depth Of Tennis Experiences
  • Career Mode – Play Hard And Reach The Coveted #1 Ranking
  • Logo And Clothing Creators – Look Great As You Play
  • Prove You’re The Best In The World
  • Learn The Ropes As You Play


AO International Tennis launches on May 8, 2018, for PlayStation 4. Purchasers of the original AO Tennis will be able to upgrade to this new edition for free via a patch on the same day.

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