Lotushirt Shirt Review – Repels Water Like a Champ

This is a quick review for something that’s a bit out of the norm for this site but I thought it would be of some interest, especially since many of us probably have to deal with some of these issues in our day-to-day lives. I’m talking about dress shirts, and I’m not talking about the fit or design, but the technology behind one called the Lotushirt. What makes this interesting is that the fabric that makes up the shirt was created by two Samsung alums and that’s what ultimately piqued my interest.

As many of you have experienced, dress shirts are very difficult to care for. They wrinkle easily, are sometimes very uncomfortable to wear, and are stain magnets. There’s always a high probability that either you or someone else will spill something on it and whether or not you can get that stain out will determine if the shirt can ever be worn again.

That’s where the Lotushirt comes in and its unique three-dimensional mesh fabric, dubbed ‘memory fiber’ by its creators. The material is stain resistant, wrinkle free, stretchable, breathable, and fast drying. That solves pretty much every type of problem regular dress shirts can bring up.

I’m not really going to go into much detail about the shirt other than the fact that this thing repels liquids like crazy. You can see in the video above that even when running it under a faucet of water, the water just pools over the fabric. It does not soak into it at all and runs off of it like glass. Even when completely submerging the shirt into water, it remains relatively dry when you take it out. I find that pretty amazing.

Aside from that, I did wear the shirt a few times and it is comfortable, the fabric feels relatively soft, and I remained cool throughout the day. Also I saw no signs of wrinkling like I do with regular shirts as the day progresses. I know this isn’t going to replace many of the shirts you probably already own, but it’s definitely a nice addition if you need shirts that can withstand those more active days.

Want to know where to get this shirt? It’s not in stores here as far as I know so you’ll have to head over to their Kickstarter page grab one.

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