Neon Chrome Gets New Score Attack DLC Arena on Nintendo Switch

Neon Chrome Arena

Neon Chrome is an amazing twin stick shooter on any platform but on the Nintendo Switch, it’s getting a brand new Arena mode DLC. The DLC is priced $4.99 USD.

”The Arena DLC adds a great, instant action mode to Neon Chrome. It’s offers a bite sized, supercharged version of the main game loop, where a run to take down the Overseer often grows into epic proportions. The Arena is all about bright flames burning quickly.” says Tero Alatalo, CEO of 10tons Ltd.

The Arena DLC is an arena type survival game mode with online leaderboards. The player’s goal is to survive as long as possible against endless waves of enemies while racking up as high a score as possible.


  • Score attack survival arena mode
  • Online leaderboards to rank your performance against the world
  • Choose from five roles – each role has its own leaderboard as they play differently
  • Install up to 12 enhancements during your run
  • Upgrade your damage output with weapon upgrades and crates
  • Unlock weapons and enhancements in the main game – use them on the Arena


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