EVERSPACE Out Now on PlayStation 4


Independent developer ROCKFISH Games today announced the availability of their roguelike space shooter, EVERSPACE Stellar Edition on PlayStation 4. Currently priced at $39.99, the bundle includes the base game, Encounters add-on, soundtrack, and dynamic theme. You can also buy the base game on it’s own for $29.99 and the add-on pack for $9.99.

Embarking on a journey to unveil the mystery of the hero’s existence, EVERSPACE will test even the most battle hardened pilots in an all-out fight for survival in a beautiful yet treacherous space environment through dozens of procedurally-generated levels. Veteran and die-hard roguelike fans can also test their skills with a stand-alone Hardcore Mode, featuring true perma-death and a new boss fight in an entirely revamped end sector.

Already known for giving space pilots an edge of the seat sci-fi experience, EVERSPACE – Encounters adds 10 hours of gameplay, featuring five new questlines, all new factory space stations for refining and converting resources and ship upgrade capabilities. Additionally, the Encounters DLC provides access to a new player ship – a medium fighter class ship packed with sophisticated electronic weaponry, the Colonial Sentinel, bringing the total to four. Players can engage a wealth of new devices and consumables as well as a special emergency shield in case the hull integrity on the ship is jeopardized through intense space combat. Furthermore, daring pilots can pay the Okkar Homeworld a visit, too.

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