E3 2018 | Jupiter & Mars E3 Trailer

Jupiter & Mars – Release date TBD.


Eco-focused video game studio Tigertron today released a new trailer for its underwater PlayStation 4 and PSVR-enabled adventure game Jupiter & Mars during Sony PlayStation’s E3 Showcase Preshow. Focusing on the game’s story, the trailer tells of a tribe of whales called The Elders who serve as the guides in the game.

“For a trailer that debuted during Sony’s E3 press conference and simultaneously shown on movie screens across the country as a part of Sony’s E3 Experience, we wanted to do something a bit different and more provocative,” said Tigertron’s Creative Director James Mielke. “Using a piece from of our composer Jonathan Atkinson’s original score as the backdrop, we brought the game’s story and setting to the forefront. Observant viewers may even get a hint of the setting of the final level in the game.”


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