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Mushroom Wars 2

Mushroomm Wars 2 is not a new game. In fact, it’s been out since 2016 on iOS and only just recently has it started to come out on other platforms and consoles. One of those consoles is the Nintendo Switch which seems to have become a haven for these little indie games. That’s not a bad thing of course because whenever you can get more games to appear on your console, that just means more choices for your audience which in turn means more people will buy your console if they know there are plenty of games on there. Anyways, back to Mushroom Wars 2, this is a RTS (real-time strategy) game in which the goal is to capture the entire playing field before your opponent does. You do this by commanding small armies and managing your resources in hopes that you can do a better job than your opponent.

Mushroom Wars 2


If you’ve played Mushroom Wars 2 on mobile, then the version on the Switch will be quite familiar with a few changes to accommodate the Switch’s controls. For instance, the Switch does not feature any touch controls at all so you will have to use the physical controls. They make it super easy however to learn and it’s actually quite intuitive and works really well.

The left joystick allows you to choose the select your towers and it does this by snapping to each tower so you don’t have to be super precise. The right trigger (R1) is used to determine the percentage of troops to send over in combination with the a, b, y, and x buttons and each corresponds to 25, 50, 75, and 100% respectively. Holding R1 and using the left joystick also brings up the pointer so you can tell your troops where to go. This actually makes things super easy. The left trigger (L1) is used to change your towers into other types. Like I said above, super simple to learn and understand.

In terms of actual gameplay, this is a very faithful port of the mobile classic. Like stated above, you main goal is to take over an entire board with your units and towers. That means converting every enemy base and neutral base into your own. You do this by sending over your troops to each tower until the number over it counts down to zero. This number usually represents the number of troops stored inside so you just have to send more troops to overwhelm it. Once captured, just make sure you can hold it. The beset way obviously is to have a lot of units stored in it so that enemy troops can’t overwhelm you. Like in previous games, troop management will be very important as well as planning ahead and strategically placing units and upgrades. usually the team with the most troops wins, but it is possible to come back from behind if you’re careful and play smart. The reverse is true and if you’re ahead, don’t become complacent as you can easily lose the lead.

Aside from the solo campaign mode, there’s also multiplayer modes as well, either online or via local play.

Mushroom Wars 2


On the presentation side of things, Mushroom Wars 2 looks very good. The backgrounds look like they’ve all been hand painted and the overall look of the game is just really bight, colorful, and beautiful. It does have that “fantasy” look to it which I guess fits the theme of the game. It does remind me of other classic RTS games of the past.

In terms of audio, the music is very whimsical and matches the fantasy theme. Sound effects are also pretty good as well.

Overall, a very pretty game that should appeal to most.

Mushroom Wars 2

Final Thoughts

I really like Mushroom Wars 2. It’s not really that much different from the mobile version of the game, but the addition of controller use does seem to make it a bit quicker to play, especially if you memorize what all the buttons do. It becomes almost second nature and you won’t even have to look at what each button does. Overall, it’s a very faithful port that just as natural to play here as it is on mobile.

I would say that if you haven’t played this on mobile or any other platform yet, and you like RTS and tower defense type games, pick up Mushroom Wars 2. It’s fun, challenging, and there are tons of levels you can try to conquer and when you’re done with that, you can head over to the competitive side of things and play online. There’s plenty to do in this game and certainly worth a look.

Received preview code from developer and/or publisher for coverage purposes.

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