Protecting my Amazon Fire HD 8 with the Poetic Slimline Case and Ailun Glass Screen Protector

Amazon Fire HD 8

So I’ve been the proud owner of an Amazon Fire Hd 8 for a few days now and while the design itself with the plastic rear back seems tough enough, I still wanted to get a case for it for that added layer of protection. Not only that, I also wanted to protect the screen with some kind of screen protector. However, I did not really want to pay a lot for a case or for a screen protector seeing as I only got the Fire HD 8 for $20. It would be ridiculous to pick up a case that costs more than that which is what the official Amazon cases would have cost. So instead, I was in search of some cheaper options on Amazon.

For starters, I knew I did not want to get a big, bulky case which is what most of the cases on Amazon seemed to be. They were more built for “child” protection than anything so many of them were heavily padded and looked really bulky. The Fire HD 8 is already not what I would call ultra light so I didn’t really want to add any unnecessary weight to it. Next I wanted a case that also had built in screen protection even though I was also going to pick up a screen protector.

Amazon Fire HD 8

After a day of searching, I finally settled on the Poetic Slimline case which looks a bit like Amazon’s official case. It’s a folio style case with a plastic shell and a tri-fold cover wrapped in fabric material. It’s very slim, light weight, and the cover should help protect my device while in a bag. The cover can even double as a stand for when I’m watching movies on it. I however had to buy it in black and not in red to match my Fire HD 8 color as they didn’t have the red one in stock. I actually don’t mind it though as the black and red combo looks pretty cool and gives off a “Batman Beyond” kind of vibe.

Amazon Fire HD 8

Next up was the screen protector. I decided to go with the Ailun Screen Protector which is described as “2.5D Edge Tempered Glass, 9H Hardness, Ultra Clear, and Anti-Scratch”. But mainly I want with this because it was cheap and came with two in case I screwed up installing the first one and it’s always nice to have a backup. Luckily, the install process was pretty straight forward and went on without a hitch. No bubbles and no dust trapped under the screen. Of course this is also because I took forever to prep just to make sure everything would come out perfect. The screen protector is actually pretty nice and you hardly even know it’s there. It seems to fit perfectly with no odd gaps and I did notice right away that it doesn’t attract greasy fingerprints as much as the stock screen did. That’s a huge plus because I was constantly cleaning it.

Amazon Fire HD 8

Now my Amazon Fire HD 8 is pretty much complete and just the way I like it. I didn’t spend a butt load of money on it and it’s now pretty well protected where I don’t really need to worry about damaging it or getting is scuffed up. For now, I’m happy with the way everything looks physically

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