I’m Ping Pong King Review | Mobile

I'm Pink Pong KingHow many of you have ever wanted to play a ping pong game on their phone? I’ll probably guess that maybe two of you raised your hand and the rest of you just laughed at me. Let me tell you though that I may have found a ping pong game that’s actually fun and well worth a look. It’s called I’m Ping Pong King and it’s actually pretty fun and easy to pick up and play.

I’m Ping Pong King isn’t flashy. It’s labeled as a minimalist game where the characters are drawn up like stick figures and the table is this cute little line drawing. The background is done in a simple, solid colors and while the art is simple, it’s actually one of the things that caught my eye in the first place and got me to download the game.

Aside from the interesting art style, I also really enjoy the jazzy sound track. It’s not something I would associate with ping ping but it works for this game.

Gameplay is very simple for I’m Ping Pong King. Basically depending on where your opponent hits the ball, you would tap on the left or right side of the screen to hit it back. If you tap the wrong side, you miss. There really isn’t much skill involved with the game and for the most part it’s mainly a game to test your reflexes.

There isn’t much else to the game. It’s pretty fun, but does get a bit repetitive. I mean it is a ping pong game after all. I will say that it’s a good ping pong game that could do with a few extra game modes and maybe a multiplayer mode. Other than that, I would say to try it out. It’s a pretty interesting take on the game of ping pong and if you’re a fan of the sport, you’ll probably enjoy this.

iTunes App Store: I’m Ping Pong King
Google Play: I’m Ping Pong King
Developer: Orangenose Studios


2018’s best minimalist sports game “I’m Ping Pong King”

“I’m Ping Pong King” is a truly fun and exciting table tennis game. The goal of this game is to beat 16 rivals and win the crown; these funny stickmen can be world’s best champion, your boss or super granny.

It’s an easy finger-tapping game, simply tap right or left of the screen to control your stickman. Be careful not to miss any ball, or you’ll fail this contest anytime!

• Simply tap the screen to control the stickman.
• Each rival has different Ping Pong skill, concentrate on the contest to win them!

• Simple control!
• Clean minimalist graphics
• Colorful background and funny stickman
• Cute Ping Pong King dance animation
• Enhance your reaction & table tennis skills
• Challenge 16 tricky rivals around the world!
• Creative way to play Ping Pong
• Train your self to be a table tennis master

Can you beat all the rivals around the world and become the ultimate Ping Pong King?

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