Winegard – TV Signal Finder App Review | Mobile

If you’re a cord cutter, then you are most likely streaming most of your media now over the Internet and/or using an HDTV antenna for free OTA signals. You’d usually use this to get all your local network channels. The issue with this is sometimes, it’s really difficult to find those signals if you don’t have the right kind of antenna or don’t know where to point your antenna. That won’t be an issue for you anymore thanks to the Winegard – TV Signal Finder app. This app not only tells you where the signal towers are and how far you are from them, but also where to point your antenna and what channels those towers belong to.

The Winegard app is very easy to use. Just install it and allow the app to access your location info as well as your camera. You’ll need camera access if you’re going to use the AR (Augmented Reality) feature. GPS info is used so it knows your precise location and distance from towers. AR is used so you can use you phone to pinpoint exactly what direction those towers are and if there might be anything in your way that could block those signals. It’s actually really neat and works quite well so you can be a bit more accurate with pointing your antenna. I used this in conjunction with a Winegard antenna so I knew which window to stick it to.

Lastly, if you are still a satellite user, you can use the Wingard app to also point your dishes. You can also you AR to find the exact location of those satellites. I couldn’t really test out if the dish pointing is accurate however as my DirecTV dish is way too high for me to reach and it’s already pointed in the correct direction so I don’t want to mess with it.

Overall, I’d say that if you are a cord cutter and use an antenna for free HD OTA signals, definitely check out the Winegard – TV Signal Finder app. It may just make your life that much easier if you’re searching for channels.

iTunes App Store: Winegard – TV Signal Finder
Google Play: Winegard – TV Signal Finder


Let Winegard® keep you connected while at home, tailgating, trucking, or RVing by helping you view your favorite shows with this smart TV Signal Finder app with augmented reality.

Finding the available TV satellites and free over-the-air HDTV towers for your geographic location has never been easier. The smart Winegard TV Signal Finder app makes it simple to determine the correct position of your antenna to receive the available signals. This app uses your current location to search for the available signals for your favorite channels. Avoid obstructions with the augmented reality (AR) view.

Dual-mode app allows you to find free HDTV TV Towers with the Antenna Pointer mode or to locate TV satellites per provider with the Satellite Pointer mode:

– Antenna Pointer – Use the top-down map view to locate all HDTV TV towers closest to your address or GPS location. Eliminate signal obstructions such as trees, hills, and buildings by switching to the AR view. Simply point your phone to the horizon and rotate 360 degrees to bring into view your desired TV tower and find the best angle to point your antenna. The number displayed above a tower indicates the number of channels available. Tap the tower icon to see full channel details.
– Satellite Pointer – Use the AR view to locate DISH, DIRECTV, BellTV, or Shaw Direct satellites available for your mobile antenna. Simply point your phone at the southern sky to locate your target satellites and stay clear of signal obstructions such as trees and buildings. Azimuth and elevation pointing look angles are provided for easy pointing and setup of manual antennas.

– Augmented reality technology
– Compatible with auto-point or manual-point antennas
– Compatible with DISH, DIRECTV, BellTV, and Shaw Direct antennas
– Satellite azimuth and elevation pointing look angles
– Current FCC OTA TV tower information, channels, call signs, networks
– Distance to HDTV towers

This app requires the use of the camera, sensors, GPS, and compass in your smartphone. Compass accuracy is based on calibration and distance from large objects that may cause magnetic interference.


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