RGX Showdown | First 20 Minutes of Gameplay and Impressions | PS4 Review

RGX Showdown

Racing fans looking for something a bit more futuristic and competitive may want to check out Telltale Games and developer Shortround Games’ latest, RGX Showdown. RGX Showdown is a bit different from your average racer. This is a head to head online racer where entering tournaments is key and races last less then a minute.

RGX Showdown is the first console release from the seasoned development team at Shortround Games, a studio composed of racing game veterans with credits on multiple triple-A racing and action titles. These include lead positions on Criterion Software’s Burnout and Black Rock Studio’s Split/Second.

What I find really interesting about RGX Showdown is the fact that the races are so short. Basically, the game consists or global tournaments that are refreshed every hour on the hour. You’ll be racing against live, online players and everyone’s goal is to try and climb the ranks of the tournament. Each race is a head to head race against one other player and it’s basically a short, pedal to the metal, full out race to the finish line. Think of it like a drag race, except the streets aren’t straight and there’s traffic in your way. Winners climb the ladder and rewards are based for how high you can rank. If you take a look at the video above, you can see how races work and the whole mechanics of the tournament system.

Of course what’s a racing game without really cool cars, right? While I love racing games that have real cars in them that I recognize, I like what the developers did here with RGX Showdown and their take on futuristic racers. These are cars that take some cues from the current crop of muscle cars and sports cars and then adds some futuristic flare to them. For instance, there’s one car that looks like a Dodge Challenger, but they’ve added bits to it that make it look more futuristic and it hovers. Think Blade Runner. All I can say is that I actually dig the way the cars look. I also like that you can customize each vehicle with different skins, although you’ll have to earn credits to get them.

Aside from the vehicles, the track designs are’t bad either. You’re not really going to notice what’s going on around you as you’ll be too busy racing anyways. The tracks are like racing on a highway at night time. There’s traffic flowing at all times and you’ll need to do your best to not only stay ahead of your competition, but also to avoid traffic. Hitting a car can cost you precious seconds and most of the time, those seconds will decide whether you win or lose. I’ve had a few races where I only one at the very last second because my opponent made a small, crucial error.

Based on what I’ve played so far, RGX Showdown definitely has potential. Some might be turned off by the fact that all the races occur online, but I think based on how the races actually are, it’s not a bad experience at all. You just get to race against opponents that are more unpredictable. I also don’t mind at all that the races are less than a minute. It makes for a more evenly paced match instead of having races that drag on and on. Overall, it’s been pretty fun. It’s very competitive, looks good, and again, I like how more even the races seem to be over other racers.

Received preview code from developer and/or publisher for coverage purposes.

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