HEX Aspect Vessel Backpack Review

HEX Aspect Vessel backpack

I’m pretty much going to jump straight into this review as I shouldn’t need to praise the usefulness of a backpack anymore or why everyone needs one, whether it be for everyday carrying or for travel. Backpacks just have so many uses and in my opinion, everyone should have at least one really good backpack that fits all of their needs. With that said, this is the HEX Aspect Vessel backpack. HEX has been making backpacks since 2010 that are not only fashionable, but equally functional.

HEX Aspect Vessel backpack


The HEX Aspect Vessel backpack is a modern take on the traditional backpack. It’s a medium sized bag made almost entirely of durable 600D nylon. It also has this matte material which I’m not entirely sure what it is, but it’s smooth and seems like it would withstand a lot of abuse.

The bag has a very clean design and a bit on the minimalist side. It’s not overly designed or ornate and pretty much most of it is built for function. On the outside is a large outer zippered pocket and on the inside, it has smaller organizational pockets. It even has a hook for your keys.

HEX Aspect Vessel backpack

On top of that there’s another zippered area that HEX describes as a sunglasses pocket. It could possibly carry a mobile phone, but depends on the size. Larger phones will have trouble fitting in there.

Moving on, the HEX Aspect Vessel has one main compartment. It’s a zippered compartment with a very large opening. It makes taking things in and out of the bag much easier. Inside there’s a laptop sleeve that can hold up to a 15″ laptop. Aside from that, the rest of the compartment is used for storage. It’s large enough to pretty much hold anything – books, jackets, headphones, etc. Again, there’s a lot of space in there.

HEX Aspect Vessel backpack

Lastly, there are two bottle holding pockets on both sides of the backpack.

In terms of comfort, the shoulder straps on the HEX Aspect Vessel are nicely padded and have this breathable mesh material on the inside part. On top of the bag is a simple hand strap that can also be used to hang your bag.

HEX Aspect Vessel backpack

Final Thoughts

The HEX Aspect Vessel is the first backpack I’ve used from them and probably not the last. The bag is incredibly well made and seems very durable and built to last. I like the fact that it’s a pretty simple looking bag and much of the design is built around function. It looks great whether you’re a student, taking it to work, or using it for travel. There’s certainly plenty of room in it to hold all sorts of stuff so it can be multi-functional.

On that note, the HEX Aspect Vessel backpack is pretty good. I’m pretty happy with every aspect of the bag and it does a good job of holding pretty much anything you need to carry.

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