snakebyte Tough:Kit for the Nintendo Switch Review

snakebyte Tough:Kit Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is super popular right now with both adults and children and it’s no surprise really considering the dual nature of it. It’s the only console out right now that can be both portable and hooked up to a television. However, it’s because of this too that makes the Nintendo Switch incredibly prone to damage. In stationary console form, I’m not too worried about it but in portable form, there’s always the risk of dropping it, scratching it, and breaking it. I wouldn’t consider it the toughest of devices which is why if you’re going to take it out, you need to protect it and snakebyte seems to have one of the toughest protection kits around for it, the Tough:Kit.

What makes the snakebyte Tough:Kit a bit different from other cases for the Nintendo Switch is the fact that this is an all-in-one solution. Everything that you really need is included with the Tough:Kit. The kit includes their signature Tough Case, the Screen Shield Pro, protective Control Caps, and a Game Case.

snakebyte Tough:Kit Nintendo Switch

Let’s start with the Touch Case. This is a large, one piece unit that goes over the entire Nintendo Switch, including the Joy-Cons. That means that once this is on, you can’t remove the Joy-Cons, which may be a negative depending on how you play. But for portable use, I find it best when the Joy-Cons stay put and for a single unit with the screen. Also, you can’t use the stand either. The Tough Case is made of a rubber and plastic combination that is very firm and solid. It has all the required cutouts for all the ports and cooling systems as well as button covers for the power and volume. What I really like about it though is that the case itself forms its own palm and finger grips making the Nintendo Switch so much easier to hold. While it does add quite a bit of bulk and heft, it feels so much better in your hands and you feel more confident holding it than without the case. Even if you were to drop it, you’d at least know that it was well protected from breakage and scratches.

snakebyte Tough:Kit Nintendo Switch

Next up is the Screen Shield Pro. This is a scratch resistant, tempered glass unit that covers the entire screen, not just the playable area. It’s a pretty nice screen protector with what feels like rounded edges so that nothing feels sharp to the touch. This was very easy to install and went on bubble free.

Now here’s one item that most people don’t think about and that’s protection for the joysticks. After prolonged use, it’s possible to really wear these down to the point where they might not be comfortable to use anymore. That’s where the Control Caps come in. These are little rubber caps that go over your control sticks. They help protect them from getting worn out but they also have the added benefit of better grip for your thumbs and they add a bit of height to the sticks. I find that it does make gaming feel a bit better when your thumbs aren’t sliding off the sticks.

snakebyte Tough:Kit Nintendo Switch

Lastly we have the Game Case. There isn’t too much special about this other than it’s made of plastic and can protect up to four of your games. It’s pretty small and can easily fit in your pocket if you just want to carry around a handful of games with you. It does what it’s supposed to so no real complaints about it.

Overall, the snakebye Touch:Kit is one of my favorites thus far. You can’t go wrong with an all-in-one solution and like I said above, it comes with everything you need to keep the Nintendo Switch protected. Not only that, there’s the added benefit of just making the whole Nintendo Switch much more comfortable to hold and use despite the fact that it makes an already huge Nintendo Switch even larger.

The snakebye Tough:Kit is available in two colors – black and pink.

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