LG V40 ThinQ

LG V40 ThinQ – What I’d Like to See Changed for the Future

LG V40 ThinQ

LG’s latest LG V40 ThinQ has actually been quite good to me so far. I’ve been using it for roughly a month now and while the phone is pretty close to perfect, it’s not without its faults. There are quite a few areas that need to be addressed and hopefully these see some improvements or changes on the next iteration of the V-series line from LG.

1. Get rid of the notch.

While I know the notch might be popular right now amongst some Android device makers, thanks in part to Apple’s latest iPhone, I hate it. There really is absolutely no reason to have the notch there and the fact that you can hide it in the settings means that even LG isn’t quite sure about it. For me, the notch does nothing useful and if LG would just remove it altogether, they could probably fit some extras up there. I wouldn’t mind a front facing speaker up there for instance. Regardless, the notch has to go.

2. Fix the Wi-Fi issues.

I don’t really know if this is an LG issue or an Android issue, but I’m constantly losing my Wi-Fi connection. I’m always getting dropped from it while at home or at work and when I go to check it, it’ll say disabled. Not sure why it does this and the only solution that works is to just suck it up and reconnect manually.

3. Allow us to re-purpose the Google Assistant button.

I actually don’t mind the button at all and I do use it from time to time, but I can see where others might not. LG gives you the option to disable it, but that’s it. If you do that, the button becomes useless which I think is a shame. It would be nice to repurpose it to launch other apps or even to use it as a camera shutter button. Just give us other reasons to use it if we don’t want to use it as a Google Assistant button.

4. Bring Back Google Daydream Support.

I’m not sure why, buy the LG V40 ThinQ does not support Google Daydream whereas the LG V30 did. I also found it quite strange that they had a whole promotion for Google Daydream, making it such a big deal and even giving them away for free when purchasing the LG V30, only to drop support for it on the current phone. Dear LG, bring back support for it! That’s one of the last reasons why I still keep around my LG V30.

5. Bigger battery.

This is something I know we all want and I’m left scratching my head as to why this didn’t happen with the LG V40 ThinQ. It has the same exact battery size as the previous LG V30 and most have said that the battery just doesn’t quite last as long anymore. LG seems to have done this to keep the phone light, but in all honestly I’d trade a light phone for a bigger battery any day. Not only that, most other phones these days have way bigger batteries now too which I think is needed especially with smartphones being more and more powerful.

That’s about it in terms of what I’d like to see. Again, the LG V40 ThinQ in my opinion is near perfect. It’s got great cameras, I love the addition of the new buttons on the side, and it’s one of the few devices that still has the audio jack.

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