HTC U12+ – What Needs to Change For the Future

HTC U12+

HTC isn’t doing so well these days and it’s not for lack of trying. For some reason, their smartphones just aren’t selling that well. This is a far cry from the early days of Android when people actually bought their phones. It didn’t help that the competition got better and eventually just passed them. That’s not to say that HTC still doesn’t know how to make great devices as the current HTC U12+ really is a great smartphone with a few unique features. In fact, it’s one of the best HTC smartphones to date, with a few little quirks here and there. If HTC can work out the kinks, there’s no doubt that their next device could be near perfect and hopefully get more people talking about them again.

Below are what I think needs to be improved upon or changed for the future, and it’s really just two items.

1. Bring back real buttons.

While I can see what HTC was trying to accomplish with the capacitive touch buttons on the HTC U12+ for the power and volume buttons, they just plain suck. It has gotten better with each update, but nothing beats the responsiveness of real, physical buttons. These touch buttons just aren’t that great and while they work most of the time now, there are still times when you’re struggling to get them to do anything. Bring back real buttons, HTC!

2. Edge to edge screen.

HTC has come a long way from its days of having some really huge top and bottom bezels. The top and bottom on the HTC U12+ are fairly minuscule now. but could be reduced further. Let’s however not add a notch to the top and just reduce it as much as possible without needing a notch. Also, HTC needs to start curving the corners of their screen to give it a bit more modern of a look.  The hard edged corners are a bit of an eyesore these days.

HTC U12+

If you can believe it, that’s pretty much all I can think of that needs improvement. For the most part, the HTC U12+ was near perfect except for a few issues. Sure there are some features that I could probably do without like Edge Sense, but luckily you can turn that off if you don’t want to use it. In fact, much of what you don’t need can be turned off which is fine by me because I rather have more features than less and at least this gives me the option of using it or not.

It’s a shame then really that they’ve been struggling so much lately despite the fact that HTC knows how to build solid devices with most of the latest features Android users come to expect with each new generation of smartphones.

Maybe their problem isn’t hardware at all then and maybe it’s marketing.

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