Omensight – First 45 Minutes of Gameplay and Impressions | PS4 Review


Omensight is the latest game from Spearhead Games that will be hitting the Nintendo Switch on December 13th, however what I’m taking a look at is the PS4 version of the game ahead of its release. The Nintendo Switch version I’m told is near identical, though because it’s the Omensight: Definitive Edition, it will include all the content and polish that have been added since its original release.

When the world of Urralia nears its end, that’s when your work as The Harbinger begins. You take on the impartial, and crucial, role of both warrior and judge to rewrite the destruction of your war-sieged world by identifying characters that may have played a part in the apocalypse. By understanding the events that pushed Urralia to its tragic end, you can manipulate time and circumstance to prevent the catastrophe.

I’ll admit that I missed Omensight when it first came on PS4 earlier this year in May. I don’t even remember hearing about it and idn’t learn about it until I got the news of it coming out on Nintendo Switch. From there, I was intrigued by its gorgeous artwork and what appeared to be a deep story line. Ultimately, both of these held true and kept me engrossed along with other elements that I’ll explain below.

Anyways, the first thing you’ll notice about Omensight is the art style. The cut scenes look hand drawn and are very well done while the in-game art reminds me a bit of current Japanese anime where they make use of 3D graphics. The color pallet is also quite interesting with lots of bright, solid colors and plenty of contrast that makes everything on the screen really pop. I do like how fluid all the movements are and I’ll say this is probably one of the best looking games Spearhead Games has made.

Gameplay I think will be the second thing you’ll notice about Omensight. It plays very much like a 3D hack and slash not unlike something similar to God of War. There is your standard attack, a strong attack, an evade, as well as a jump move. These can be stringed together for different combos, you just need to experiment a bit. The evade move also works really well here as the enemies will usually let you know when they are about to attack (exclamation point over their head) giving you enough time to evade and then counter. For the most part, I think the combat is very solid and does a really good job of keeping you engaged.

Aside from combat, I also really like how you progress in the game. You’re able to level up your character based on XP earned as well as trade in Amber you collect to receive Blessings that increase certain aspects of your character, like health or weapon power. Not only that, as you play, you’ll also start unlocking new abilities.


I also really like the whole time traveling aspect of the game. Being able to go back to a certain point in time and affect what happens is really neat as well as collecting pieces of information to unlock clues as to why all this is happening in the story.

Lastly, lets talk about the audio here. What I’m really impressed with here is that there is full narration. You don’t just read what’s going on but you can hear it as well. Each character seems to have their own voice and even minor characters are voiced over as well. That’s not something I usually expect from non-triple-A games so it’s always surprising and welcome when we do get this.

With all that said, Omensight is a very good game. It’s got a little bit of everything for everyone. There seems to be a really deep story to explore, lots of action to be had, and plenty of items to unlock as you play. Gameplay is very solid here and it also helps that the game is so very good looking. Honestly there’s nothing really negative to say about Omensight other than the fact that I haven’t heard about it until now. It really is a good game and one you should check out on any platform.

Omensight is also available on Nintendo Switch as Omensight: Definitive Edition starting December 13th.

Received preview code from developer and/or publisher for coverage purposes.

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