Tribit XBOOM Portable Wireless Speaker Review

Tribit XBOOM

Wireless speakers are a dime a dozen now. Pretty much all feature Bluetooth connectivity and pretty much all sound decent these days. The problem isn’t the lack of wireless speakers, but which one to choose. Some choose price over quality while others prefer quality over price. However now, there are ones where you no longer need to compromise and an affordable speaker can also mean a really good speaker, like the Tribit XBOOM Portable Wireless Speaker.

Tribit XBOOM

The Tribit XBOOM Portable Wireless Speaker is of the can shaped variety, meaning it looks like a cylinder that pumps out sound in 360-degrees. It is not unlike the JBL Flip or the Ultimate Ears Boom line of speakers. The Tribit Boom features huge playback buttons so that you’re never fumbling around for them and a waterproof design so that you can pretty much take it with you anywhere without fear of damaging it. You can tell that the speaker is waterproof as all the button have been sealed to prevent water from leaking in and the charging port rubber flap cover is nice and thick and takes some force to remove.

Aside from that, the Tribit XBOOM is roughly the size of a bottle of water. That means it’s fairly compact and it’ll fit into the water bottle pockets of most backpacks. There’s even a loop strap on top included that makes it easy to carry the Tribit XBOOM without having your hands cover up any of the speakers. Overall, the Tribit XBOOM is very nicely made and seems quite solid enough that it’ll survive most outdoor situations. The only negative I see is that it doesn’t come in other colors, aside from black.


  • 360° Immersive Sound: This portable speaker pumps out crisp treble, detailed mids, and resonating bass. 
  • Innovative XBass Technology: Exclusive XBass technology generates bass that’ll fill the room. Just press the XBass button to kick things up a notch.
  • Completely Waterproof: Advanced IPX7 waterproofing keeps the music flowing rain or shine, and can withstand up to 30 minutes in water 3 feet deep.
  • Incredible 20h Playtime: It keeps going, and going, and going. A top-of-the-line 5200mah rechargeable li-ion battery boasts an unbeatable 20 hours of continuous playtime.
  • Music on the Move: Bring your music with you wherever you go. The compact design is perfect to toss into a purse or backpack, and the convenient silicone strap allows for easy, effortless carrying.

Tribit XBOOM

When it comes to audio quality, the Tribit XBOOM really shines. On normal mode, the sound is very crisp and clear. Thanks to the 360-degree sounds, you can hear clear audio no matter how the speaker is placed. Highs and mids are very clear. There’s good range in the upper end. On the low end where the bass is, if you have it set to normal mode, it’s not very deep. It’s acceptable for most situations. It’s not until you turn on the XBASS that things get interesting. This basically amplifies the bass and to the point where you can not only hear a bass increase but also see the speakers thumping. It makes the bass sound really deep and I think for the most part, you’ll probably want to just keep XBASS on, unless you’re playing music that is very vocal or instrumental heavy.

Tribit XBOOM

Overall, the Tribit XBOOM is the perfect balance of cost and audio quality. Not only that, build quality is top notch and very comparable to the higher cost brands. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to tell that this isn’t something like a JBL or Ultimate Ears. With that said, these Tribit XBOOM speakers are very good and definitely ones to consider if you’re looking for an affordable, well made, good sounding portable speaker.

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