HELLFRONT: HONEYMOON – First 20 Minutes of Gameplay and Impressions | PS4 Review


Developed by Swedish indie studio Skygoblin, HELLFRONT: HONEYMOON is the first game coming out of Image & Form and Zoink’s new publishing sibling Thunderful. HELLFRONT: HONEYMOON is a twin-stick strategy shooter featuring intense local multiplayer deathmatches for up to four players, as well as a singleplayer mode where you can challenge the speedrunning community on the online leaderboards.

Now I don’t know really know if there’s an actual story to the game and I don’t think it really matters much. The core of the game is to just kick-butt, take over the playing field as quickly as possible, and win. The game is fast and hectic and you won’t have much time to care if there’s a story or not.

Above, you can see a quick 20 minute video of gameplay I took of the first 10 levels in “Missions” mode. Some of the early levels serve as a nice tutorial on how to play and this mode is mainly used for solo play or with 1 other friend. When playing solo, it still is pretty fun and the main goal really would be to try and get the best time for completion and compete against the leaderboards. Playing solo is also a good way to perfect your strategies for each level.

As for the game itself, the controls are solid and very easy to pick up. Even those who have never played it will pick up the game quite quickly. That makes it perfect as a party game because the last thing you want is to have other players become frustrated over difficult to learn controls. Lastly, the game itself actually looks pretty good. While the game is pretty simple in nature, there’s a lot of detail in the art. The sound is also quite good and all of it combines for that loud, arena feel that’s great for parties.


  • 1-4 Player Pick-Up’n-Play local matches
  • Tight-as-hell PvPvPvP combat
  • Short, intense matches. It never drags!
  • Play solo or co-op missions or go all out DEATHMATCH!
  • Speedrun and compete on the leaderboards!
  • Full controller support + mouse & keyboard!

HELLFRONT: HONEYMOON certainly is different. It is very much like those old RTS games you used to play, but on a much, much smaller playing field and on a much more hectic scale. This is very much a party game and one that becomes more and more fun as you add friends to play. Solo isn’t bad either and good practice for speed running and strategies, but playing with friends will probably be the most fun in my opinion, that’s if you can get three other people to come play with you.

Received game from developer and/or publisher for coverage purposes.

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