My GEKO Gear InfiniView Rear View Mirror / Dashcam Combo Review

My GEKO Gear InfiniView

It’s a new year which means we get to see what 2019 has in store for us in terms of the latest gear and gadgets. I’ve been on a roll lately checking out new dash cams and this year is going to be no different. My first dash cam review of 2019 comes from a newcomer here, My GEKO Gear and it’s their latest unit, the InfiniView. What makes the My GEKO Gear InfiniView different from other dash cams is that this is a rear view mirror / dash cam combo unit that replaces your existing rear view mirror with one that’ll definitely get you some looks and possible street cred.

First off, why run a dash cam to begin with? Well that’s simple. Long story short, in case of an accident, you at least have hard, visual evidence that the cause of the accident wasn’t you (that’s of course if it really wasn’t your fault). This cuts out the possible stretching of any truths and view points because the truth is right there in the video footage. This also helps with any possible insurance claims and traffic violation disputes. As a bonus, if you capture an accident, you could be a good Samaritan or just post it to YouTube for hits.

With that said, the My GEKO Gear InfiniView requires a bit more in terms of installation than many of the other dash cams I looked at in the past. Instead of mounting it on your windshield, you have to mount it over your existing rear view mirror. You do this by using these rubber straps that wrap around your existing mirror and the strap hooks on the InfiniView. There are two different sized rubber straps so choose the one that fits for you.

My GEKO Gear InfiniView

To accommodate the camera that sits on the back of the InfiniView mirror, you can stretch the rear camera outwards to clear your original rear view mirror. I had to stretch mine all the way out during testing. Not only that, the camera can be tilted and turned so you get the right angle when in use.

As for the wiring, most of it is pretty straightforward. You’ll want to use the included car charging cable and have it tucked all the way around your windshield, most likely through the headliner and then down the column so you can get it behind the dash. From there you want to go under the dash and then to an available power outlet, whether it be on your dash or in your armrest. Just find a away to tuck it all in so it looks clean and is out of the way.

The next part of the installation is a bit harder if you plan on installing the rear view camera, which the My GEKO Gear InfiniView does include. This unit is meant to be installed outside of your vehicle, usually where you license plate is. This will most likely require routing the wires through the cabin and into the trunk. With this setup, the InfiniView will record what’s happening both front and back at the same time while driving. One neat thing here is that if you also wire it up in conjunction with your reverse taillight, the display on the InfiniView will change to show the rear view camera automatically when you’re in reverse. If you’re hauling a trailer, you can also install the rear view camera on the trailer instead as the kit also includes an extension cable with quick connect so that’s another possibility. This is perfect for those who tow a lot as it can often be a problem seeing what’s behind a trailer.

My GEKO Gear InfiniView

In terms of build quality, the My GEKO Gear InfiniView is definitely top tier. It’s a solid piece of tech that seems to be really well made with no fit and fitment issues that I see. It uses high quality Sony STRAVIS sensors for the front and rear and the rear camera is one of the few that is also waterproof and weatherproof.

As for usage, the InfiniView foregoes buttons and instead is fully touchscreen enabled. The only real button it has is a power button. Everything else is controlled via the huge 9.66″ digital display. Setup is a breeze and you don’t really need to change much when you turn it on, other than the time and date. I do however recommend turning on the screen saver and setting it to 1 minute because when the display is on, you can’t use this as a rear view mirror, which needless to say is pretty dangerous while you’re driving. With the screensaver on, at least it turns off on its own in-case you forget to do it manually. To turn it off manually, you have to tap the power button and the video turns off leaving only the mirror and the time/date in the corner. Unlike dash cams with buttons, the touchscreen makes it super simple to navigate all the menus. If you can use a smartphone, you can use the InfiniView.

Video captures automatically while in use and can record either 1 or 2 minute clips. The files overwrite each other as you run out of space on the memory card. With a tap of the screen, you can also lock video files manually to save so they don’t get overwritten. Not only that, you can also snap a quick photo as well with another tap of the screen. When parked (because you never want to do this while driving), you can also review your videos and photos right on the screen.In terms of video quality, the front cam can capture at 1920×1080 @30fps or 1280×720 @30fps. The rear camera only captures at 1920×1080 @30fps.

Now for some negatives. The My GEKO Gear InfiniView isn’t going to be for everyone. For starters, the InfiniView is not going to work with every mirror out there. You can technically get it to fit, but it won’t look right if it’s sitting off the the side and not centered. Second, the display can be pretty distracting and if you don’t turn it off while driving, pretty darn dangerous which is why I recommend turning the screensaver on to automatically turn the screen off. Lastly, for those who want a rear in cabin view camera, this kit isn’t really for you either.

My GEKO Gear InfiniView

Aside from that, the My GEKO Gear InfiniView certainly is an interesting dash cam. It’s different enough from all the other dash cams I’ve looked at and is another viable option for those who want a dash cam that sits out of the way and doesn’t take up space on your wind shield. The rear view camera is also really nice since it’s waterproof, but that’s not surprising since it’s meant to be installed on the outside. Again build quality is solid on this and the heft of the device makes it feel really high end. There is no built in GPS but GPS can be added with an optional module. With that said, the My GEKO Gear InfiniView is a great option for those who not only need a rear backup camera, but for those who also tow trailers and need some extra visibility in the rear when reversing with a trailer.

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