FutureGrind Out Now on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC | Trailer


Filling a niche that I don’t think anyone asked for, Milkbag Games announced the release of their futuristic themed, extreme sports stunt platformer, FutureGrind. While you probably may not have ever thought of playing a game like this, you might just have the time of your life

FutureGrind has you controlling two-wheels bikes across lush, sci-fi worlds. The name of the game is flipping and grinding rails where colors play a huge role in whether you make it or break it in this competitive sport. All the while, there’s a robust story mode where you learn more about its underlying plot. Why have you been brought on to compete in the pro circuit? Can you really trust your new employers? Is it normal to see glitches in the real world?

Game Features

  • Dozens of hand-crafted tracks to test even the most skilled players
  • Different bikes, each with their own unique style of play
  • Chain tricks together in a deep combo system that rewards creativity
  • Instant restarts (you’ll need them!)
  • Compete for high scores in score attack mode

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