BATTLLOON Review | Nintendo Switch


BATTLLOON is the latest from Sony’s publishing label UNTIES and indie developer noname studio. Gather up to four friends and get ready for the balloon fight of the century. Choose from six adorable yet unrelenting characters and propel foes into the spiked walls of colorful arenas filled with dangers like balloon-eating fish, meteors and massive bombs. But beware: after balloons are popped, they come back as mischievous ghosts that can still create havoc and take home the winning crown.

I’m going to start this off by saying that BATTLLOON is a strictly multiplayer party game. There isn’t a single player mode and multiplayer takes place via local multiplayer. The game is meant to be played with 2-4 players and battles take place on a single screen, not unlike Super Smash Bros.

The rules are very simple. Players try to push and bump other players into spikes beat them. Do so and you gain 2 coins for each player you push into the spikes. Last player remaining also gains an additional 2 coins while second place games 1 coin. You can only be pushed into the spikes once for coins. Once “popped”, you become a ghost but can still wander around the playing area causing mayhem with the chance of pushing live players into spikes for coins. I really like this aspect of the game as it allows everyone to continue playing until the game actually ends. The winner is determined by whoever can collect 10 or more coins first.


What is also really great about BATTLLOON is just how simple it is for anyone to pick up and play this game. Basically you use the joystick to point your character where you want it to go and then the “A” button or right button to suck up air. Release to let the air go to move. As you can tell, it’s very much like trying to move a flying balloon around. You will need up to 4 controllers to play with everyone. The action can get really hectic with more players and this definitely makes for a really exciting and fun party game.

Aside from the gameplay, I’m also really digging the art style. The characters you can choose from are super cute and each seem to have their own special characteristics. My favorites are the balloon cat and octopus. The environments you play on are also really nice designed, but mostly just consist of different backgrounds and placement of spikes and spring boards.

That’s pretty much all there is to BATTLLOON. It’s strictly a multiplayer local party game so if you don’t have family members or friends you can play this with, BATTLLOON really isn’t the game for you then. I’m lucky enough to have my kids that can play the game with me and even my wife, but if this ain’t you, then I’d probably skip this. As far as party games go though, BATTLLOON is insanely fun to play with others.

Received game from developer and/or publisher for coverage purposes.

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