Rhythm-Based Platformer, Vectronom Coming to Nintendo Switch on May 29th | Trailer


Indie games are still some of the most unique types of games out there and Publisher ARTE and developer Ludopium’s latest is no different. Vectronom is a 3D platformer with the unique twist of incorporating music into it as part of the challenge.

In Vectronom, players synchronize the movements of a cube to a frenetic beat, across an ever-changing geometric path pulsing with music. The colorful madness of memorizing patterns and environment dependent riddles challenges three-dimensional thinking with difficulty increasing as quickly as their fingers move.

With the option of hooking up alternate controllers to your computer such as MIDI instruments or dance pads, Vectronom might even get you moving more than your fingers and brain cells. Players on both platforms can accept the challenge on their own or alongside friends with the local, drop-in/drop-out multiplayer mode.

Both the Steam and the Nintendo Switch version of the game are priced at $9.99 and will be released on May 29th.

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