Castle Wreck | Mobile Review

Castle WreckIt’s been a bit since I’ve reviewed a mobile game, but that’ll probably change. My latest real life job has me out of the house a lot and the only logical path that allows me to game on the regular is mobile gaming. That’s probably why mobile games are still very popular, allowing people to casually game on the go when they have free time. With that said, I downloaded Castle Wreck by VooDoo Games hoping for a fun, casual experience.

For starters, I can definitely confirm that Castle Wreck is super casual and pretty fun, but to an extent. Let me explain. The goal of Castle Wreck is to destroy castles with a canon ball. It’s not difficult at all to play. You just tap the screen to position where the cross hairs go and fire away. Physics wise, Castle Wreck is very good and you get some really great explosive effects when hitting your target. The bricks from the castles either come crumbling down or flying outwards depending on how they were hit.

What makes this game a bit more fun is that there are quite a bit of levels to complete and each has a different castle design. You need to destroy enough of the castle to fill up the damage gauge in order to move on to the next level. It’s not terribly hard at all and for the most part, I found myself flying through each level.

The problem with Castle Wreck is that the game becomes pretty boring after a while because you’re just doing the same thing over and over again. It’s very repetitive and while you are destroying different castles each time, they don’t really seem all that different. Another issue with the game is all the ads the pop up on the free version. Each time you beat a level, there’s an ad not to mention the persistent ad at the bottom of the game. You can pay to take the ads off, but I’m not so sure the game is worth that. Again, its fun but gets old quite fast.

With that said, Castle Wreck is a fun game to check out. It’s a fun time waster and the graphics and physics effects are really good. I just don’t like all the ads the pop up and there area  lot of them, everywhere.

Apple iTunes Link: Castle Wreck
Google Play Link: Castle Wreck

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