Connect Bluetooth Headphones to your Nintendo Switch with Bionik’s BT Audio Sync

Bionik BT Audio Sync

Anyone who owns a Nintendo Switch knows that getting Bluetooth headphones to work with it isn’t an out of box experience. In fact, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t even support it and you need to buy a 3rd party dongle in order for it to work. You’ll need something like Bionik’s new BT Audio Sync.

The BT Audio Sync enables Nintendo Switch owners to connect their favorite Bluetooth-enabled headphones to their Nintendo Switch. Featuring a stable connection up to a range of 32 feet, the compact device can plug directly into the Nintendo Switch’s USB-C port when in handheld mode or its dock via USB adaptor. Gamers using the BT Audio Sync in handheld mode can continue charging their Nintendo Switch using the accessory’s USB type-C passthrough. BT Audio Sync is powered by the console — no batteries required — and supports up to two pairs of headphones at a time for local multiplayer gaming.

The BT Audio Sync is now available for purchase at, Amazon, and select retailers for MSRP $39.99.

Bionik BT Audio Sync


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