HTC’s U12+ Android 9 Pie Update Doesn’t Really Change Much

It’s no secret that HTC took a very long time to update the HTC U12+ to Android 9.0 Pie. The HTC U12+ was release in July of 2018 and it’s been over a year that the phone has been sitting on Android 8.0. It wasn’t until this past August that it finally got the Pie update, a whole year after Android 9.0 was officially released. While I appreciate the fact that the HTC U12+ finally got Android 9.0, in terms of upgrades go, it’s not very impressive.

Let me explain.

HTC’s Android 9.0 update for the HTC U12+ is what I call a halfway attempt to please those who bought the device. Once you install and upgrade, nothing on the phone really seems that much different. Sure they removed some Blinkfeed items but other then that, you’d be hard pressed to figure out what is different. Much of the differences and updates you’ll find are buried in the settings.

I theorize that that’s because the HTC Sense launcher itself wasn’t updated to make use of what’s new in Pie. It doesn’t have Pie’s new navigation system, nor its new gestures. In fact, when compared to newer devices that come with Android 9.0 enhanced launchers, HTC Sense is downright archaic looking.

I however will say that the update did seem to make the HTC U12+ speedier. This goes for the touch buttons which feel much more responsive and less of a headache to use.

So with that said, while the HTC U12+ did finally get Android 9.0, it also needs a massive update to the HTC Sense launcher. Without it, this update just doesn’t feel like an update at all.


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