R-Type Dimensions EX Available Now on iOS

R-Type Dimensions EX

Fans of old school arcade shooter, R-Type are in for a treat as Tozai Games today has released the mobile version of R-Type Dimensions EX to iOS.

The mobile version of R-Type Dimensions EX includes almost everything fans can experience in the console versions of the game. This includes both arcade classics that were initially published by Irem, R-Type (1987) and R-Type II (1989), the option to play with classic or improved audio and visuals, new game modes, and more.


  • Two Classic Games in One -All original levels from both R-Type and R-Type II featuring the challenging gameplay players can expect from the classic franchise
  • Improved Audio & Visuals – Choose between 2D graphics and classic music or upgraded 3D graphics and reworked music with a simple button press
  • Infinity and Beyond – Conquer the Bydos with an infinite fleet of ships in Infinite Mode and learn the ins and outs of each stage with Stage Select
  • Slow Motion for Me – Bob and weave through enemy projectiles using the slow-motion button or speed things up with the fast-forward button and challenge your cat-like reflexes
  • iOS Modified Features – Fight to be the best R-Type player in the world through online rankings and earn a variety of achievements

R-Type Dimensions EX is now available on the App Store for $4.99

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