PDP Deluxe Travel Case – Pikachu Edition for Nintendo Switch/Lite | Review

PDP Deluxe Travel Case for Nintendo Switch

If you pick up a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite this holiday season, you’re going to also want to pick up a travel case for it, especially if it’s for your kids. Kids lose stuff and a travel case is the best way to keep the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite along with all the accessories and games together and well protected. You want to look for a case that’s rigid, portable, but can still carry almost everything you need on the go. Take for instance the PDP Deluxe Travel Case. This one I’m looking at happens to be a new PIkachu Edition and it’ll fit both the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.

The PDP Deluxe Travel Case is a rigid case made of EVA materials. The outside is of a grey cloth material and has this Pikachu themed leather-like band on the front as an accent. There’s also a yellow, rubbery quick-grip handle with snap closure as well as a zipper with yellow stitching to round out the looks. It’s a very nice design and really highlights the PIkachu theme. This is a case that’s not too flashy, but still has personality.

Inside, you’ll find a cloth lined compartment for your Nintendo Switch. If you plan on using this with the Nintendo Switch Lite, it includes a sizing tray that you can use to allow the Switch Lite to fit more securely. Note however that this tray will only fit a stock Nintendo Switch Lite and not one that is running a protective shell case. You’ll have to remove the tray for that. Included in this compartment is also an easy pull strap that sits underneath your Switch, making it easier to pull the game console out of the compartment.

On the other side of the case, there is another compartment with a self-fastening pouch. This allows you to carry items like ear buds, a charging cable (but not the giant charging block), a cleaning cloth, and whatever else might fit in there.

PDP Deluxe Travel Case for Nintendo Switch

In-between these two compartments is a flappy divider that’s padded on the side where it meats the Nintendo Switch screen. It’s meant to keep your screen protected from any accessories that might put pressure on it or scratch it up. On the other side of the flap are little game cartridge compartments to hold your games. There are 14 total you can hold, but they are stretchy enough where you could also double up if need be. Lastly, there’s an elastic strap here too that can hold both your Joy-Con straps when not in use.

PDP Deluxe Travel Case for Nintendo Switch

Now with the descriptions out of the way, the PDP Deluxe Travel Case pretty good. It’s very protective with a quality zipper that keeps it shut when needed. The quick grip handle makes it easy to carry around, although it would be nice if there was an option for a shoulder strap too. Lastly, I just really like how this thing looks. The combination of the PIkachu designs and the yellow accents makes this case a looker for anyone who loves Pokémon. Not only that, this is an officially licensed product, which is probably why it looks as good as it does.

With that said, the PDP Deluxe Travel Case is a solid choice for anyone looking for a good Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite travel case that not only holds your console, but also your games and some accessories.

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