Waterfield City Slicker Case for Nintendo Switch Lite | Review

Waterfield CitySlicker Switch Lite

If you were to ask me, who makes the best looking, most classy looking Nintendo Switch cases out there, I’d tell you one name and that’s Waterfield. While there are other Nintendo Switch cases that feature amazing protection and storage at a more affordable price, none of them are hand made in the USA from quality materials like leather, micro-fiber, and ballistic nylon. I’ve personally been using the Waterfield Slip Case as my case for the Nintendo Switch Lite but figured it should be time to upgrade to the fancier looking Waterfield CitySlicker, the same case that I had previously used on my PS Vita.

I’ll start this off by saying that the there was nothing wrong with the Waterfield Slip Case. In fact, I will still be using it when I need to carry a bit more. I just wanted something more head turning in which the CitySlicker never disappoints. While my main reason for looking at this case is mainly cosmetic, the Waterfield CitySlicker for the Nintendo Switch Lite does have some built in advantages over the Slip Case.

Waterfield CitySlicker Switch Lite

For starters, the CitySlicker has its own built in game cartridge storage, even though it only holds four. That is still four more than what the Slip Case had. It also has a separated zippered pocket on the back that can hold extra cables or maybe some wired earbuds.  Inside the case, there are also two extra pockets, though I wouldn’t exactly say that they’d hold anything  particularly useful. The main purpose of one of them is the keep the screen clean.


  • Protects the Switch and Joy-Cons from nicks and bumps.
  • Includes a Microsuede lining for cleaning the screen when inserted in the case.
  • Pocket for screen cleaner.
  • Can be inserted into bigger bags or backpacks.
  • Optional attachments for carrying at an additional fee: carabiner, strap, or wrist loop.

Waterfield CitySlicker Switch Lite

That brings me to some disadvantages the CitySlicker has over the Slip Case. The main compartment doesn’t hold as much, especially in the sizing that I got. Mine is meant for just a Nintendo Switch Lite, so it’s sized for just that. If you need more space, I suggest going for the size that is meant for the “Switch in Skull Case” sizing. Also, the second pocket in that compartment should be for the optional 10-Game Card holder, but it doesn’t fit in my setup. I have a feeling it is meant to only fit in the larger case for the regular Switch, not the Switch Lite.

Waterfield CitySlicker Switch Lite

Speaking of sizing, my Switch Lite fits snugly into the CitySlicker case. There really isn’t much room for anything else in the main compartment. I can tell you that the thumb sticks do not get pushed down by the snugness, and there is a tiny bit of give left for cushioning in case you drop this. The leather flap also seems to be a bit more secure than just a magnetic closure and this one does snap shut with magnetic buttons. It does seem like fitment gets better as you use the CitySlicker, allowing the case to stretch out a bit. Not only that, the leather flaps looks better and better with age and use.

Waterfield CitySlicker Switch Lite

With all that said, The Waterfield CitySlicker is still my favorite of all gaming cases. There was a reason I used it for my PS Vita and there’s a reason I’m using it now on my Nintendo Switch Lite. This is still one of the best looking and highest quality cases out there. With the Waterfield CitySlicker, you don’t have to worry about it ever falling apart on you That’s why I’m a huge fan of their products. Each one is hand made to the highest standards, and though you might be getting the same item as someone else, no two items are ever exactly the same. Each will be unique in their own little ways.

So like always, I highly recommend the Waterfield CitySlicker if you own a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite. It may bit a bit on the pricey side, but it’s worth every penny.

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