Glorious Model D Lightweight Gaming Mouse | Review

Gorious Model D Gaming Mouse

I am not a hardcore PC gamer at all. Most of my gaming is played exclusively on consoles and mobile platforms, which basically means using a controller or touch controls. My son however is part of the “master race” and does most of his gaming now on a PC gaming laptop. He’s pretty knowledgeable now in what’s the latest and greatest in gear to use on that front and it seems that the current trend is the lightweight gaming mouse.  According to him, it allows for faster reaction times, flicks, smoother glides, and less fatigue and strain over time. All of that makes sense which is why I’m currently checking out the new Glorious Model D lightweight gaming mouse by Glorious PC Gaming Race.

By me, I really mean my son because he’s the PC gaming expert right now in the family. Most of the review will be made based on feedback from his time playing games like Destiny 2, Apex Legends, The Witcher 3, Terraria, Lethal League, etc.

Gorious Model D Gaming Mouse

But first, let’s talk about the build quality and some observations I’ve made just by handling it for a bit before we get into actual usage. For starters, Glorious PC Gaming Race was kind enough to send over the matte white version of the Glorious Model D.

For starters, the Glorious Model D is unbelievably lightweight. It weighs around 68grams and feels like almost nothing in your hands. I’ve used a ton of different mice in the past and this is by far the lightest one I’ve ever picked up. A big part of the that is the unique HoneyComb Shell which cuts a lot of the weight off while still retaining its ultra-durable strength. The HoneyComb Shell also has a secondary function of providing ventilation for the components inside as well as keeping your palms cool during intense gaming sessions.

Next up is what seems to be a must now for any PC gaming peripheral and that’s lighting. The Glorious Model D features RGB lighting , capable of 16.8 million different colors and if you install the optional software, can customize 8 color mode effects. What’s neat here is that not only can you see the colors on the two light strips down the sides, but the colors also bleed through the HoneyComb holes.

Gorious Model D Gaming Mouse

Moving on to the bottom of the Glorious Model D, The mouse is fitted with what they call G-Skates, made from 100% pure Virgin PTFE. Theses are meant to let the Glorious Model D slide across your mouse pad more smoothly. If you want, you can also install the optional larger G-Skates for maximum glide. For the most part, they do seem to reduce friction.

Lastly, on the bottom of the Glorious Model D is a little DPI indicator. This allows you to quickly see what your DPI is set to without having to look at the software.

Speaking of the software, I mentioned it was optional, but you’ll want to download it if you want to get the most out of your Glorious Model D. This software allows for the customization of the lighting effects, colors, DPI settings, polling rate, and button macros.

The only thing I am worried about with this mouse is how dirty it might get since it has that matte white finish on it. After 2 weeks, I can already see some lint collecting around the G-Skates, but that’s easily cleaned off.

I did get a chance to play around with the Glorious Model D before handing it off to my son and for the most part, it’s an impressive wired gaming mouse.  The ergonomics are spot on and it feels very comfortable in your hands. It does feel way lighter than any mouse I’ve messed with before and it’s true that it is very easy to handle and move around. I put on the second set of G-Skates so it glides almost effortlessly around.

Gorious Model D Gaming Mouse

So here’s the part that I’m summarizing from my son. He’s used a variety of different branded gaming mice already so he’s has some experience at least handling different types. First up, he also commented on just how light the Glorious Model D is compared to all the other mice he’s used. He said all the pro gamers right now were using mice like this and mentioned that even Ninja had his own branded one similar to this. He was happy to see that this had colored lighting with different lighting modes as he enjoys having his gear being all flashy.

He did comment about how much quicker it felt moving the mouse around especially after adding he larger G-Skates. He tried both the smaller ones and the larger add-ons and he said he preferred it with the larger ones. Aside from that, he said the mouse felt very accurate once he had all the settings dialed in and said all the buttons felt very responsive as well.

One thing that was a little disappointing was that his last gaming mouse had 4 customizable thumb buttons on the side whereas the Glorious Model D only has 2. He had to change his layout a bit on some games he played, but he’s pretty good at adapting. He just would have liked to have more buttons. He did mention that the mouse is very easy to set up and he had no issues at all getting the mouse setup to where he liked it.

Other than that, he said there was really no other reason for him to have to switch back to another mouse and that he’d continue to use the Glorious Model D now as his default gaming mouse.

Gorious Model D Gaming Mouse

So is the Glorious Model D the perfect gaming mouse? Well, like with most things of this mature, that’s entirely up to you and what your needs are. In terms of gaming, my kid absolutely enjoyed it. It’s light, responsive, looks super cool, and and is simple to customize. For me, I like the weight and being wired means you don’t have to worry about it running out of charge like on a wireless unit. It’s pretty much almost the perfect gaming mouse, though having a couple extra buttons would make it even better. Aside from that, I think it’s well priced at $49.99 and any gamer, regardless of level should give the Glorious Model D a look.

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